Statement Jewelry & Original Artwork by Magik Artz

Magik Artz Unique Artisan Statement Jewelry & Original Artwork by

Kaitlyn Beth Millet




I’m Kaitlyn Millet, author here at Haute Topix Blog and founder of Magik Artz. 

Magik Artz is my unique handmade statement jewelry and original artwork shop where I create one of a kind artisan jewelry and jeweled and glittered artwork. Everything must dazzle and sparkle to be right for Magik Artz.

The jewelry and artwork I create ranges from dark to colorful…goth to preppy…classic to trendy…and so on.

There are lots of choices of jewelry and artwork, although I do design more jewelry than artwork.

Each piece is carefully crafted with attention to detail and being a perfectionist, I am always finding ways to reinvent my product line.

Below are some images of the designs I created for Magik Artz. See more at

Haute Topix Blog can feature your own designs as well. We can write a blog article that puts a positive spotlight on your designs and get you some fans and buyers. Contact Us today for more info about featuring your products.

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