5 Quick Fashion Trend Tips for 2016

​It’s nearly fall in 2016.  It’s still hot and sunny but it’s sure to cool down sooner than later. 

Last year’s trends were just great but this year, for the end of summer and beginning of fall in a couple months, we have some fabulous fashion trend tips for 2016 that will be so fun and easy to try and so very stylish. 
Sure, the 2016 style scene has a different look about it, but we’ve been told change is a very good thing. Scroll down to see how to adapt your closet, and then shop for the pieces you need to pull it off.
Tip 1: Over the Knee Boots

2016: In a luxe material like suede that’ll make you feel sexy when you show them off with a miniskirt.
Tip 2: Stripes

2016: In a button-down silhouette with a matching skinny scarf.
Tip 3: Statement Scarf

2016: Black, velvet, skinny, long.
Tip 4: Canadian Tuxedo

2016: Separates in similar, if not exact, shades that are broken up by a chic mockneck.
Tip 5: Plaid

2016: To draw attention to a brand-new silhouette, like your slouchy overalls.

Some credit to Pop Sugar 

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